At LØJE IP, we will securely guide you around the many gray areas in copyright law.

In the Nordic countries, for over 200 years there has been a more or less common Nordic understanding of copyright. However, increasing EU harmonization of copyright has further complicated a previously complex area of ​​law, and today the Danish copyright law is in many ways contrary to EU law. Even the Danish courts sometimes find it difficult to figure it out, so no wonder if you experience the same.

Copyright protects literary works and works of art. At first impression of these two concepts one can be led to believe that copyright only protects literature, music, film and visual art. However, the concepts are much wider than that. The copyright also protects databases, architectural drawings, software programs, photographs and arts and crafts including clothing, furniture and kitchen and toilet objects.

LØJE IP can help you with: 

  • Assessment in all copyright matters
  • Copyright enforcement
  • Preparing copyright contracts
  • Copyright licensing agreements
  • Litigation, evidentiary, prohibition, etc.

Facts about Copyright in Denmark

Copyright is now harmonized in the EU and thus Danish law must be in compliance with EU law. However Danish law has historically protected designs under copyright far better than any other country in EU – perhaps except France. Danish precedence is very well developed, and many cases have been decided over the years offering protection against illegal copying to both foreign and national companies.

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