Here you can read about how we work with our customers.

Business terms and Communication

1. We acknowledge receipt of the assignment and then describe the legal issues that we can see at this stage and make suggestions as to how the assignment can be resolved.

2. An assignment is placed with the employee who, based on the customer’s needs and the nature of the assignment, is best suited to solve it. We also take into account, in the selection of case handlers, matters such as the cooperative relationships between the customer and us, subspecials with us, need for Attorney- seniority, industry knowledge, resource usage and deadlines. We would like to discuss these choices with our customers.

3. Normally, all customers have two contact persons, one partner and one lawyer/assistant, so that the solution of the assignment is done in the most optimal and cost conscious way for the customer. We strive to ensure that all communications are conducted electronically by e-mail.

4. Information of a confidential nature from or on individuals and businesses shall be treated with confidentiality and loyalty. All partners and employees of, Løje IP are subject to the obligation of confidentiality.

5. We have the copyright and other intellectual property rights in all material produced by Løje IP during the processing period. Our customers have rights to use the written material that is handed to them by Løje IP.

6. All files shall be stored with Løje IP for up to 15 years from the conclusion of the assignment. If we receive original documents, we copy these and return the originals to the client at the latest when the assignment is concluded.

Business terms

LØJE IP is established at the address Øster allé 42, 6. Sal 2100 Copenhagen Ø
We can be contacted by phone number + 32 42 05 40 and fax number + 45 32 42 05 49 and the email address

Our CVR number is: 16970107

LØJE IP is organised as a sole proprietorship and has client bank accounts in Nordea.
In the event of a bank’s bankruptcy, depositors are granted coverage under the law on the guarantee scheme for depositors and investors. The guarantee fund covers an eligible depositors; funds up to an amount equivalent to EUR 100,000 (approx. DKK 750,000). The coverage maximum applies to the total deposit of the bank, even if the money is in different accounts, including both client bank accounts and own accounts.

Special rules apply to deposits concerning the Immovable property, where the immovable property has been used or intended for mainly non-commercial purposes. This amount is covered up to EUR 10 million. Euro until 12 months after the amount was inserted and whether the deposit is on a separate account. Details of the guarantee scheme can be found on the Guarantee Fund’s website

The lawyers of LØJE IP are appointed by the Danish Ministry of Justice and are part of the Law Society. All lawyers at LØJE IP are subject to the company’s liability insurance and the guarantee scheme drawn at Codan Forsikring. The liability insurance covers all legal activities carried out by the LØJE IP, regardless of where the law firm is exercised.

LØJE IP does not apply contract clauses on applicable law and/or venue unless this is agreed with the client. The lawyers of the LØJE IP are subject to the supervisory and disciplinary system of the bar and to the rules of good practice as laid down in Section 126 of the Code of Civil Procedure. In addition, the Code of Ethics applies. The rules which apply in particular to the practice of the profession of lawyer can be found on the website of the bar

In the event of a dispute about the fee charged by the LØJE IP and/or dissatisfaction with the conduct of one of the clients of the IP, the client can complain about the size of the ointment and/or the behaviour of the lawyer, Kronprinsessegade 28, 1306 København K,

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