LØJE IP provides advice and assistance, in disputes about domain names or social media.

Websites and social media are often where customers get to know your business. It is now inconceivable to market a company and its products without the internet as the central tool.

Therefore, it is crucial to have the right domain name or profile name on Instagram, for customers to easily find what they are looking for, and the company’s investments bear fruit.

LØJE IP advises new companies to deal with availability and acquisition of the best domain names at the earliest possible stage when choosing a name or a product name.

Established companies often face challenges in acquiring domain names that create a straightforward connection to the company’s name or products. It is not unusual that domain sharks in bad faith have secured the domains that the company finds attractive, which they seek to sell to the company significantly overpriced. In such cases of abuse, a company with specialized assistance will be able to (re)acquire its domain name through a lawsuit and avoid paying larger sums to domain sharks.

LØJE IP can help you with:

  • Investigation and assessment of Internet conflicts
  • Domain Complaints for the Domain Names and International Appeals Board (UDRP / URS)
  • Take-down of infringing content on social media
  • Litigation on internet marketing, domain names, ad-word infringements, etc.
  • Strategic advice on the protection of corporate domain names
  • Domain name registration and monitoring

Facts about domain names in Denmark

Domain names under the .dk-domain are issued by DK-Hostmaster in Denmark, and parliament has passed a law that regulates the assignment of domain names and dispute resolution regarding domain names.

In Denmark, registration of domain names must be done in accordance with so-called good domain name practice, which is largely the same as good marketing practice.

Conflicts over the right to domain names are often resolved by arbitration institutes set up for the purpose. In Denmark, we have the Appeals Board for Domain Names, which is an independent appeals board that can deal with disputes between registrants and third parties about registration and use of domain names under the Danish .dk domain.

In Denmark, cases concerning the right to domain names can be brought before the courts as well as the Appeals Board for Domain Names. The board is composed of two national judges, two experts in trademark law among other, a consumer representative and a business representative. The board model is a cheaper and faster solution than the courts. The cases are conducted on a written basis, which is why it may be appropriate to bring a very significant domain name case directly to the courts, where the usual processes, including oral proceedings, testimony and testimony and opinions and views, are available.

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