We have a great deal of experience in representing clients in both courts and arbitration nationally as well as internationally, including the European Court of Justice.

LØJE IP is an experienced representative in all types of disputes within IP law, marketing law and competition law as well as in general contract law disputes. This is done both in and outside Denmark, and at the various appeals bodies, including the Appeals Board for Domain Names and the Appeals Board for Patents and Trademarks.

Our experience indicates that the earlier we get involved in establishing your rights, the stronger your starting point is when your rights are later enforced at the various agencies.

Our focus is on representing right holders, and we do not represent serial offenders. We are one of the law firms in Denmark that has the greatest experience in conducting seizure actions for collecting evidence of infringement from offenders.

LØJE IP can help you with:

  • Development of global IP strategies
  • Strategic considerations before launching a product
  • Assessing opportunities to win a conflict or case that arises
  • Assessing the opportunities and benefits of entering into an amicable agreement that can resolve a conflict
  • Representation in litigation in both Denmark and the EU



LØJE IP has the right to appear before the City Courts, the High Court and the Supreme Court. We also have significant experience in appearing on behalf of our client before the European Court of Justice.

If you would like to work with us, or have questions