LØJE IP is experienced in negotiating and entering many types of agreements that set the framework for your business.

In many cases, the current legislation only takes effect if nothing else is provided by an agreement. In business the agreement is thus often the applicable law. Especially if it is designed in a clear way and takes all the relevant conditions into account.

Therefore, it is crucial that you ensure that the terms agreed are clear so conflicts and misunderstandings are avoided.

At LØJE IP we are familiar with the negotiation and conclusion of commercial contracts on a global scale. Through our extensive network abroad, we also handle agreement review and related negotiations involving legislation outside Denmark.

LØJE IP can help you with:

  • Negotiation and conclusion of 
  • confidentiality agreements (NDA)
  • Licensing agreements
  • coexistence agreements
  • distribution agreements
  • agency agreements
  • shareholders’ agreements
  • Agreement review and negotiations in and outside Denmark
  • Preparation or assessment of sales and delivery conditions
  • Assessment and preparation of cookie policy and terms as well as terms and conditions in relation to the protection of personal data.

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