Protect your invention in cooperation with LØJE IP to avoid conflicts with patent or utility model legislation and ensure that your investments bear fruit.

Technological development is one of the most important driving forces – if not the main driving force – behind the development of society. If your company develops technical solutions that you want protected, this can be done by patent or a utility model. A patent grants the proprietor the exclusive right to exploit the invention commercially, thereby prohibiting the commercial exploitation of others.

You can obtain protection of your invention with a patent application. First, the application must contain a description of the problem which the invention seeks to remedy. Secondly, the application must state the specific elements to which you want exclusive rights. The patent lasts for up to 20 years.

A utility model is similar to a patent and is also called “the small patent”. It is often faster and cheaper to register a utility model than a patent. However, utility model protection is not as strong. For example, the validity period for utility models is up to 10 years.

LØJE IP is experienced in all aspects of patent and utility model legislation. We work with the most skilled patent agents in the preparation of patent applications, to ensure your invention the best possible conditions.

LØJE IP helps with:

  • Assessment of patent infringement issues
  • Enforcement of patents and utility models at home and abroad
  • Litigation, evidentiary and patent lawsuits
  • Preparation and negotiation of patent licensing agreements, transfer agreements, research and development agreements and other forms of cooperation agreements
  • Arbitration cases on patent matters

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