LØJE IP provides advice and assistance in all legal matters within the entertainment industry.

Businesses and individuals who are active in the entertainment industry, especially in music, films and television, arts and sports, are typically met with legal challenges which overlap different areas of the law; amongst them copyright, trademark law, marketing law, contract law and personality rights. The specific nature of the entertainment business makes it convenient to have a transversal legal discipline collecting knowledge from the different relevant areas of law, combined in a hybrid named entertainment law.

Specialised advice within entertainment law therefore widely responds to a commercial demand for 360 degrees legal advice and enforcement of rights with reference to the specific legal challenges met by the entertainment business.

LØJE IP believes that the entertainment business, in some degree, has lived a Cinderella existence. This, however, is not because businesses and people who are active in the entertainment business are not in need of legal advice and enforcement of rights. Contributors to the entertainment business need protection and enforcement of rights to the same extent as contributors to other businesses. LØJE IP’s newly established section for entertainment law responds to the obvious need for providing qualified legal advice to the contributors to the entertainment industry, including in the fields of music, film and television, arts and sports.

Furthermore, the legal challenges of the entertainment business in the digital age have become increasingly complex. Streaming services etc. provide new challenges, for instance in relation to licence agreements, and the responsibility for online platforms to monitor and remove unauthorized content is not easy to work out. In addition, online content is rarely geographically limited, and few people consider that the law is different in different countries. Moreover, EU Law is gaining an increased influence in, amongst others, Danish copyright laws.
It is therefore essential to have competent legal advice within the relevant aspects of the entertainment business in order to achieve the optimal commercial use of your activities and rights.

LØJE IP has great experience dealing with all the different areas of law which combined constitute entertainment law, in Denmark as well as internationally.

If you need advice in any legal aspects of the entertainment business, including all relevant types of contracts and agreements, trademark registration, or you have a possible infringement, please contact Johan Løje.

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